The Oasis Youth Church is driven to be a place of refreshment in a "dry and barren land." Oasis, with the motto of seeking those that no one else wants, reaches out to all young people in our church and community with the promise of " unconditional love" and "guaranteed acceptance." With over 100 young people involved on a weekly basis, Oasis is growing and striving to impact the world one individual at a time.


O- One for all and all for one. Fellowship- we must be determined that young people feel loved and accepted. We will strive to reach out to all youth everywhere with the goal of finding the ones no one else wants. Fellowship is a vital and essential part of overcoming the struggles and fears that youth face in a society of betrayal, deceit. and abuse. God called us brothers and sisters. We are to be unified.


A- Anchored in the Rock! Discipleship. "That I may know Him." This is a determination to have a close relationship with Jesus Christ. We must be anchored in faith through discovery of His Word and communion with Him in prayer. Each one is to align with God through a daily walk with Him.


S- Surrender in total worship to God. In every action and event our purpose is to honor God first. Priority of praising God is essential to a balanced Christian and ministry.


I- Invasion of enemy lines. Warfare! We as individuals and ministry should strive to dispel the unfruitful works of darkness. This should be done by all means. A prayerful direction should be taken so that each plan the enemy has should fail. Warfare is a vital part of setting captives free and deliverance to the oppressed.


S- Shout it out! Outreach. Oasis is to be taking the salvation message of Jesus Christ to the world. Whether within our walls, out in our cities, or overseas Oasis will be taking the Gospel

Cam Jones

Youth Pastor